Lenny Dee: You’re Outta Line!

May 22, 2009

Lenny Dee is totally and completely out of line. Or they were in the Spring ’09 show, Lenny Dee: You’re Outta Line! You can watch videos of the performance on YouTube, you know:

  1. (but actually 0.) Dee-Rectors’ Intro (Vote for Chase Kimball!)
  2. Dee-rotica
  3. Raised by Animals
  4. Where’s… Surgery?
  5. Room or No Room
  6. That’s Still Wolf Andy! Pt. 1
  7. Monitoring the Recession
  8. Where’s… Chariots of Fire?
  9. That’s Still Wolf Andy! Pt. 2
  10. Twitter
  11. You’re Beautiful
  12. A Bunch of Sketches
  13. Apocalypse, Version Y2K(9)
  14. Surprise in the Dark (Tribute to Hal Edmonson)
  15. Marco, the Sly Hitman from Houston
  16. Where’s… An Off Day?
  17. She’s Flying High
  18. Lincoln vs. Darwin
  19. That’s Still Wolf Andy! Pt. 3
  20. A Complexx Rap Group
  21. Apocalypse, Version Z

Lenny Dee Goes There

March 2, 2009

You can find every single sketch from the Winter ’09 show, Lenny Dee Goes There, on YouTube via the following links:

  1. The Man with the Golden Mullet
  2. Emogene Cop/Bad Cop
  3. Dex
  4. Gerald Winkler Pt. 3
  5. NorDiCorTiSol
  6. DeuSexMachina
  7. That’s Wolf Andy! Pt. 1
  8. To Kill a…?
  9. Jimmy (here titled “Jimmy the Bad Asker Outer”)
  10. A Rough Deal
  11. Gerald Winkler Pt. 2
  12. That’s Wolf Andy! Pt. 2
  13. Bro-in’ Out
  14. Wake Up in Moloch!
  15. A Wii Bit
  16. That’s Wolf Andy! Pt. 3
  17. F.A.S. P.S.A.
  18. Gerald Winkler Pt. 1
  19. Dusk
  20. The Magic Bathtub

Welcome to Lenny Dee Town

November 6, 2008

It’s true. Here are links to all the sketches from the Fall ’08 show, Welcome to Lenny Dee Town.

This is Lenny Dee Town

  1. Welcome (here titled “Screw Dates,” also “Screw Dates and Deerectors’ Welcome”)
  2. Above The Influence
  3. Speckler & Speckler
  4. I Can’t Let You Do That (here titled “GPS Trouble”)
  5. World War I (here titled “Rise Through the Ranks #1: World War I)
  6. Sweethearts on Parade
  7. Wise Old Owl
  8. Jarley & Jarley (here titled “Jar Jar at Home”)
  9. Bon Bons (here titled “The Truth About Bon Appetit”)
  10. World War II (here titled “Rise Through the Ranks #2: World War II)
  11. Crime (here titled “Lineup”)
  12. The Vietnam Conflict (here titled “Rise Through the Ranks #3: The Vietnam Conflict)
  13. Jizzle Diamond (here titled “Old People”)
  14. Guns A-Blazin’ (here titled “Catch Phrase”)
  15. Here At Last (here titled “Big Chuck Wilmer’s”)